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STEM Stage
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Get ready for some fun with Mad Science!

Energize It!
Get set for some sparks in this animated romp into energy! See experiments that could include capturing a string of lightning beads, levitating with static electricity, and hopping to a heat beat! This energetic show ends with a blast!

Show Times: 10am, 1pm, and 4pm

Fire and Ice
Children will be dazzled and entertained as they interact with our Mad Scientists!  Foggy dry ice storms, giant beach balls floating in the air and even a special Mad Science “burp” potion will amaze children as they learn about chemical reactions, air pressure and the states of matter.

Show Times: 11am,  2pm

Sounds Like Science
Make waves and some noise in this fun and funky science show! The Mad Scientist will create crazy cacophony with a garbage can, a swinging sound tube and a metal pipe! Children will cheer as pickles glow and potatoes pop! What are all the kids talking about? Sounds like Science!

Show Times: 9am,  12pm , 3pm

Home Lab – Straw Rocket

Build a rocket that you can launch and modify at home! This show will have a virtual hands on activity.

If you would like to participate and do the activity alongside the instructor you will need to collect the following items before the show: 

• Reusable or plastic straw
• Pencil (sharpened)
• Blank Paper (2 sheets)
• Scissors
• Tape
• (optional) Straw  Rocket template located in photo gallery in “HOME LAB” album.


Parents ONLY!!
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